Exhibition SLAGS as FRAMMENTI materials discarded after firing in a furnace where in particular processing conditions, clay can remain accidentally for a prolonged time in direct contact with the fire so that the ceramic overheating can reach critical temperatures such as to allow partial or sometimes complete fusion of the whole range of compounds normally present in the ceramic mixture, such as silicon and different metals, such as aluminum and iron. At very high temperatures (around 1500 ° C and +), an artifact of earth that is not specifically refractory can partly carbonize, boil, melt like volcanic lava and eventually burn as a common fuel. The ceramic, subjected to this violent process of alteration collapses and undergoes complex and sudden structural changes until it is transformed and sometimes reduced to a pile of few earthy remains fused together with metal and glass; a useless scrap of furnace, similar to a fragment of meteorite that has passed through the atmosphere. Because of the heterogeneous structure of the amalgams resulting from these cooking out of control, I found it very difficult to treat these slags as normal ceramic artifacts, which I tried to re-encrust and merge together with casted lead grappas, keeping intact the surfaces of these After last year in Dolcedo (IM), I propose for the first time in Genoa for the Galleria Entr'acte the exceptional Fragments modeled in an absolutely random way by the prolonged contact of the ceramic with the fingers of the fire